Q. About payment methods

We accept credit cards, Pay Later (Paidy), Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay, LINE Pay, Pay Pay, and smartPay.

Q. I cannot purchase by credit card. Q. I can't make a purchase with my credit card.

There may be a problem with the credit card you entered, please use another payment method such as Paidy, LINE Pay, or PayPay.

Q. I cannot purchase with AmazonPay I can't make a purchase with AmazonPay.

There may be a problem with the credit card associated with AmazonPay, please use another payment method such as Paidy, LINE Pay or PayPay.

Q. I cannot make a purchase with Paidy.

If you see a "Payment was not approved" message on your Paidy account, it is an error on the Paidy side. This message is displayed when the credit check fails.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please use a payment method other than Paidy.

If the total amount of purchases in a month exceeds a certain limit specified by Paidy, please try again in the following month.
In this case, you will be able to use the service again in the following month.
The limit changes dynamically, so there is a possibility that a higher limit will be set in the future based on individual customers' purchase performance. Paidy does not have a fixed spending limit, but there may be times when you are unable to make purchases above a certain amount due to insufficient performance or other circumstances. In such cases, you will need to wait until the following month, and the limit will vary depending on your usage status and other factors.

Q. I want to cancel my order.

Due to system reasons, we basically cannot accept cancellations at the customer's convenience. Please understand this in advance.

Q. I have not received my order.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused. Please contact us through the KBQUNQ official line . Please include the following information

Order number

Order number The e-mail address you entered when you placed your order

Q. How long does it take to receive my order?

A. We ship directly from overseas, so it takes about 1 week at the earliest, usually 2~4 weeks.

Q. I entered my tracking number, but I cannot confirm it.

Because we ship directly from overseas, there is a delay in the reflection of the tracking number. Basically, the tracking number will be displayed 1 to 2 days after the package enters Japan.

Q. Can I return or exchange an item if the size does not fit?

We do not accept returns or size exchanges at the customer's convenience.

If you receive a defective item, we will exchange it for the same item in some cases.
(It may take some time to order the replacement item.)

If you do not contact us within 3 days of receiving the product, we will not be able to accept the exchange.

If the item you wish to exchange is out of stock, we will proceed with the refund process.

If you receive a different product than the one you ordered, we will take immediate action.

Q. I received an item that is different from what I ordered or defective.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

If the product is defective, please contact us at KBQUNQ official line within 3 days of receiving the product to inquire about the status of the product.
Please include the following information

Order number

Product name:

Problem description:

Your request: Exchange/Return

A photo of the white sticker on the clear bag (or box) that the product came in

One photo showing the entire product.

At least 2 photos that clearly show the defective part.

In the case of operational problems, a video showing the problem.

KBQUNQ official line After submitting your inquiry, we will reply to you, so please follow the instructions.

Q. I don't know how to use the coupon code.

Please check this page for details.

Q. I forgot to enter the coupon code. Can I apply it later?

Due to system reasons, coupon codes cannot be applied to orders after payment has been completed.

Q. About my membership rank

KBQUNQ has five membership ranks: Regular, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Black.

For more details, please refer to For details, please refer to this page for details.

Q. I want to change my payment method.

We are unable to change the payment method after payment is completed. Please understand this beforehand.

Q. Can you ship overseas?

We can only ship within Japan.

Q. I did not receive an order completion e-mail.

When you order an item from the online store, an e-mail with the subject line " KBQUNQ|Order Confirmation|Order Number: #XXXX" will be automatically sent to your e-mail address.

However, we have received reports that emails to mobile carrier email addresses (e.g. @ezweb.ne.jp @docomo .ne.jp @softbank .ne.jp ) are difficult to receive.

Please register with a PC e-mail address or set your e-mail address to receive e-mails from info@kbqunq.com if possible.

How to check your order details (in case you do not receive an e-mail)
You can check your order details in "My Page Purchase History" after logging in.
You will continue to be able to check your order history, shipping status, and shipping slip number from My Page, but we recommend that you set up your e-mail receipt settings to receive various notifications such as shipping notifications and restocking notifications by e-mail.

If you do not receive the email, please check your spam folder and settings at
by following the steps below.

In case of softbank (iPhone/smartphone)

1. log in to My Softbank → [Mail Settings] → [Mail Settings (SMS/MMS)] → tap [Setup]
2. tap [Junk Mail Block Settings] → [Change]
3. tap [Individual Settings] → [Click here for individual settings]
4. if you "Do not receive spoofed e-mails", tap [Save Set/confirm list] → Enter [info@kbqunq.com] → Tap [Set].

In case of docomo (smartphone)

1. tap [SP mode mail app] -> [Other] -> [Mail Settings] -> [docomo Mail Settings Site]
2. on the [Authentication] screen, enter SP mode password -> tap [Decide]
3. specified receive/reject settings: if set to [Use settings], tap [Next]
4. receive Tap [Add more] of registering the e-mail address to receive from the e-mail address settings, and enter [info@kbqunq.com]
5. Tap [Confirm] → [Confirm Settings]
6. If you have set "Receiving Rejection/Strong" or "PC Receiving Setting/Rejection" in the "Easy Settings", also perform the above.

In case of au (smartphone ) 1.

Access au ID, go to the top screen of the spam filter → [To individual settings other than the above] → tap [Spoofing filter avoidance list]
2. If the setting is "Disabled", leave it as it is
3. If "Enabled", enter [info@kbqunq.com] for the keyword to receive, and tap [Change Tap [Change].
4. Tap [OK] on the confirmation page.