STEP1 Check the clothing size
Check the clothing size listed in the product details in the product page. Use the image below as a guide for how to measure your clothing size.
STEP2 Choose the clothing size that fits you.
After confirming your clothing size, measure your body size and choose the size that fits you best!

The key here is to choose a size that is slightly larger than your body size.

The key point here is to choose a size that is a little roomier than your body size!

Shoulder width
[Tops] 1 ~ 2 cm
[Outerwear] 3 ~ 5 cm

Chest circumference
[Tight fit] 6 ~ 8 cm
[Moderate room] 9 ~ 11 cm
[Loose fit] 12 ~ 14 cm

[Waist] 2 ~ 4 cm
[Hips] 3 ~ 5 cm